About the game

Locked in a small spaceship full of holes. Your friend deliberately blasted them open, but she was overly enthusiastic, and the ship is now spinning out of control. She’s shouting at you: FIX THEM! Once again, it’s all up to you!

Two teams of two players battle for oxygen in classic king of the hill style gameplay, but with the ridiculous Oxyjet Propulsion System™, controlling a spaceship is a challenge in itself. Players are presented with a unique and hectic gameplay experience, that is easy to learn, but requires teamwork, quick thinking and tactics to master. The core game won two jury awards at Nordic Game Jam 2016, and our recent addition of special abilities has only increased the positive feedback that we get from playtesting at expos. Basically, it is simple, it is innovative and it is fun.

The Team

  • Christian Schubert

    Programming / Game Design

  • Erik Høyrup Jørgensen


  • Kristian Lollesgaard

    Producer / QA

  • Lukas Wendt

    Audio / Programming

  • Andreas Bech


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