An alternative way to fly

Locked in a small spaceship full of holes. Your friend deliberately blasted them open, but she was overly enthusiastic, and the ship is now spinning out of control. She’s shouting at you: FIX THEM! Once again, it’s all up to you!

If you prefer not to die in several different ways simultaneously, blasting a hole in your spaceship should be way down on your to-do list. But in Oxyjet that is exactly what you must do to stay alive. Your engine isn’t working, so you control your spaceship by making holes in it. The air escaping functions like small jets.

While this might seem like an emergency maneuver for only the most dire of circumstances, that is not at all the case in the world of Oxyjet. Oxyjet arenas have become the favorite pastime at scrap yards across the galaxy.

About the game

Oxyjet is a team arena game where two spaceships “sumo-wrestle” for oxygen. Each ship is controlled by two teammates - each with different roles. The hectic gameplay is simple but requires teamwork, quick thinking and tactics to master.

The Oxyjet core game was developed at Nordic Game Jam 2016 where it received two awards for “Best Game Feel” and “Best Multiplayer”. Since then we have added special abilities, several new arenas and the option to play online.

A new game experience

Oxyjet is not only af lot of fun. In a world where all new games represent some sort of variation over existing games, Oxyjet feels like nothing you have played before. At first glance it looks like a slower version of any other space arena. But then you take the controls and realize that you are not controlling the ship. You are controlling one of the crew and you are reliant on your teammate for half the steering.

Our vision

We are a very small studio, so every hour of work must be weighed and measured, because there is no way we can do everything that we want. We have focused our development around two main points:

Simple but deep: We want people to feel familiar with the controls within a few minutes of play, but no matter how much they play we want them to feel like there is more to learn. Examples of this philosophy can be found in the laser and spores arenas. Both arenas can really throw a wrench in your plans, but if navigated correctly you can use them to your advantage.

Playability: The game is best played 2v2 around the same screen, where you can get to yell and laugh together. But since you are rarely exactly 4 friends together we have enabled online play with both friends and strangers. Also, we have made it possible to play a ship alone.

The Team

The team behind Oxyjet met a Nordic Game Jam in 2016, where the first version of Oxyjet was made along 182 other games. Oxyjet won Best Multiplayer and Best Game Feel, which convinced us that Oxyjet was something special. Since then, we have been hard at work making Oxyjet even better.

  • Christian Schubert

    Programming / Game Design

  • Erik Høyrup Jørgensen


  • Kristian Lollesgaard

    Producer / QA

  • Lukas Wendt

    Audio / Programming

  • Andreas Bech


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