Local Co-Op, Action, Arcade


1-4 Players, local or online with crossplay


Nintendo Switch™, Xbox™ and PC through Steam®


English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Pусский & Deutsch

Release Dates

13 December 2018 (Nintendo Switch)

18 November 2022 (Xbox)

30 November 2022 (Steam)

"Intelligent" AI

Choose from 4 difficulties

About the game

Oxyjet is a team arena game where two spaceships “sumo-wrestle” for oxygen. Each ship is controlled by two teammates - each with different roles. The hectic gameplay is simple but requires teamwork, quick thinking and tactics to master.

The Oxyjet core game was developed at Nordic Game Jam 2016. In competition with 182 other games, Oxyjet received awards for “Best Game Feel” and “Best Multiplayer. Since then, we have added special abilities, several new arenas and the option to play online.

In the latest update we have introduced an AI so you are able to practice your skills before besting your friends. There are 4 difficulties to choose from, so every one is able to pick up the game and have fun!


The Team

The team was brought together by the making of Oxyjet at Nordic Game Jam 2016. We all felt that Oxyjet was something special, and our success at the event convinced us that we were right. Our formula for game development is simple: Discipline and fun! A good day for us, consists of making Oxyjet together during the day and partying together at night :)

  • Andreas Bech


  • Christian Schubert

    Programming / Game Design

  • Erik Høyrup Jørgensen


  • Kristian Lollesgaard

    Producer / QA

  • Lukas Wendt

    Audio / Programming